Time Bandits was a Toronto based podcast that was a lot like Three Men and a Baby - if Three Men and a Baby had been about three hosts and a guest traveling 25 years back in time to celebrate the anniversary of an album and film.

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Hosted by Casey Lyons, Greg LeGros and Dan Gorman from See You Next Wednesday, Time Bandits was a podcast where every other week they traveled back in time with a special guest to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of beloved – or not so beloved – pop culture relics.

From failed comedies to botched blockbusters or overstuffed pop albums, we watched or listened to just about anything.

“Time Bandits hinges on our contemporary desire for nostalgia, but the show attempts to tackle the stuff overlooked by anniversary think-pieces. […] The guys successfully contextualize the state of film in 1989 and a have bunch of laughs…”The A.V. Club

“I think they stand up with the great movie review podcasts like We Hate Movies and How Did This Get Made […] Check them out for obscure strangeness and camp, as well as genuine love for great movies we all grew up with.” – Croisquessein via iTunes Review